Installing MEDIator on CentOS

Installing the Core Dependencies

Install wget

$ yum install wget

Install Oracle JDK 8

cd /opt

sudo wget –no-cookies –no-check-certificate –header “Cookie:; oraclelicense=accept-securebackup-cookie” “

sudo tar xvf jdk-8u25-linux-x64.tar.gz

sudo chown -R root: jdk1.8.0_25

export JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk1.8.0_25/

export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH

Install Maven 3


sudo tar xzf apache-maven-3.0.5-bin.tar.gz -C /usr/local

cd /usr/local

sudo ln -s apache-maven-3.0.5 maven

sudo vi /etc/profile.d/

export M2_HOME=/usr/local/maven

export PATH=${M2_HOME}/bin:${PATH}

Install git

sudo yum install git

Configure MEDIator

git clone

cd datareplicationsystem

Execute the MEDIator web app

mvn package

sh modules/repl-server/target/bin/webapp

with nohup

nohup sh modules/repl-server/target/bin/webapp > nohup.out &

To view the logs

tail -f nohup.out

Go to http://localhost:<EMBEDDED_TOMCAT_PORT>/ using your browser.

Execute with multiple data sources

java -classpath lib/repl-server-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:lib/*:conf/ edu.emory.bmi.datarepl.ds_impl.DSIntegratorInitiator

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